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The Biggest Loser - WINS!

He was one of the biggest loser’s I had ever met. He was a drunk. He was unemployed. His business had failed. He was broke, no money. He was overweight and terribly out of shape. He needed a bath. The scent of his smelly, soiled body and dirty clothes filled my office with a horrible odor. He had legal problems. He was separated from his wife and a divorce was looming on the horizon. He was also homeless. His wife had kicked him out and he was staying on a day-by-day basis with his nearly ninety-year-old grandmother. His car was worn out. He was worn out. And his patience with life was worn out. I remember his words, “My life doesn’t make sense.” And he was right -- It didn’t make sense.

Today he is clear-eyed, clear-headed and clear-thinking. He’s employed in a managerial position for a large firm. He has financial resources beyond what he had ever anticipated. He is also a tremendous physical specimen – lean and muscular, well-groomed and always neatly dressed. His legal problems were resolved long ago. He has a clean slate. His marriage is restored and he and his family share a lovely home together.

His life was once very empty, lacking substance, meaning, purpose and direction. His life didn’t make sense. That was more than twenty-five years ago. One of the biggest losers I had ever met.

He called recently. Just to talk.

“That was the most memorable day of my life,” he said.

I remember that day well. I remember telling him, “If you forget everything else, remember one thing: God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.”

I advised him to do the only thing he could do. Turn his will and his life over to Christ. Invite Christ into his heart, into his life and into every unfortunate circumstance that he, his drinking and his anger had created. And –he did.

The biggest loser I'd ever met - Won - And discovered that Christ is the answer when life doesn’t make sense.

It is no secret, what God can do. What He's done for others, He'll do for you

-- Stuart Hamblen

The Biggest Loser – WINS! is taken from When I Can’t Find God in the Published By Parables bookstore, or on Amazon, Barns and Noble, and other online venues.

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