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Dealing With The Impossible? Smile

11:30 p.m.

“Can you come?” says the voice on the other end of the phone. “He won’t make it through the night!”

Thirty minutes later we met in the front room of her home. A hospital bed filled the room. On it was a man, her husband. Tubes, wires, and machines were everywhere.

“He’s not saved,” says she. “And he’s going to die tonight!”

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“One other thing,” says she. He’s completely paralyzed. He can’t talk or move – he can’t even squeeze your hand or finger.”

I bent over the hospital bed and began sharing Christ, slowly whispering God’s plan of salvation into his ear. I closed my share time with him by leading him in that special prayer of faith and repentance, urging him to invite Christ into what remained of his life.

“Do you think he invited Christ into his life,” says she. “I’m going to try to find out,” says me.

“Mister, I know you can’t talk and I know you can’t even squeeze my hand, but I noticed while we were praying that your lip quivered and moved, just a tad. Sir, if you invited Christ into your life – if you can, would you smile!”

Unbelievably, he flashed one of the biggest, sweetest smiles I think I’d ever seen. Before sunrise, he died. I call him the man who smiled his way into heaven.

Sometimes, things seem hopeless. Sometimes, it seems as if all is lost. The key word is “seems” – what “seems” to be is not always what is. The world of appearances is often deceptive. So, be patient. Trust God….. and smile!

Hip. Hip. Hallelujah.

Dr. John Dee Jeffries

CEO/Acquisitions Editor

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Know this: God, who called you to write your book, will provide the grace (and the finances) sufficient to the task of getting it published. God always finishes what He starts. Count on it.

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