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What's Making A Monkey Out Of You?

There were some Americans stationed on a small island in the South Pacific during WW2. Monkey meat was a real delicacy on this island. The islanders showed the Americans how they captured monkeys.

1. Put an apple in a narrow-mouth jar

2. Tie a rope around the jaw

3. Tie the other end of the rope around a tree

4. Wait patiently

Eventually a monkey will come along, look curiously in the jar, see the apple, reach in and grab it. The monkey’s hand easily compressed to fit into the jar but his fist, holding the apple, was too large to pull out. The monkey, however, would predictably refuse to let go of the apple. The monkey was, in effect, tied to the tree by the rope, the jar and the apple. And very soon – monkey stew!

Now think about this for a moment. Was the monkey too stubborn or too stupid to let go of the apple? You know what? It really doesn’t matter! It is the same result – one dead monkey!

Now for the real question: Did the monkey have the apple or did the apple have the monkey?

There are many things that bind us! As long as we hold on to them, their power over us continues. It is only by letting go that we become free. So, what’s making a monkey out of you?


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