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A Special Publishing Ministry To Enable Christian Authors To Publish

Their Christian Book(s) -- for FREE


God Intends For Your Book

To Be A Blessing – Not A Burden


At Published By Parables we understand the value of a dollar. 

We know the importance of producing a quality product 

And we publish what we publish for the glory of God.


This is a limited offer, for a limited number of Christian authors, for a limited period of time.  If this strategy can bless you and your writing ministry, great.  If not, we're confident that it will bless others. That’s why we call it The Big Blessing. We can’t do this for everyone.  We can do this for you.  “Ye have not because ye ask not!....Ask and it shall be given unto thee!”


The Big Blessing Publishing Ministry

This Ministry Publishing Package Provide


You Retain All Rights

At Published By Parables you retain all rights to your intellectual material.


The most important identifier your book can have is the ISBN.

Without an ISBN number (and a bar code) your book will not be listed

on the U.S.- Global distribution network, nor will it be stocked in most bookstores.



Professional Cover Design

Published By Parables uses professionally crafted classic cover designs

(matte or gloss) that reflectthe poise, values and virtues of God’s Kingdom.


Interior Page Layout/Design

We provide elegant, yet simplistic professional book interior designs (Adobe Professional Design Suite) to create a beautiful, reading experience. Your choice of white or cream paper creates a high quality Premium Bound softcover. (softcover only available with The Big Blessing Publishing Package).


US - Global Distribution

Your book will be listed in the world’s largest book distribution system, a system that is utilized by 39,000 independent and chain bookstores, libraries, online retailers and wholesalers.


10 Free Copies Of Your New Christian Book

When your book is published you’ll receive 10 copies to share with family and friends.

Royalities? Yes! You Keep 100% Of Your Net Sales 




The Big Blessing Publishing Package

A Special Publishing Ministry To Enable Christian Authors To Publish

Their Christian Book(s) -- for FREE



Super Size It


 Want to add an eBook to your package? Want a promotional video for your book? 

What about a professionally-written press release?  Want More? Or, need more information.


Start here! Fill out the grid below. Give us your basic contact info,

and include a bit of information about your book,

and we will be in touch as quickly as possible!

You won’t be disappointed.  Hope to hear from you.


Use our easy-to-use "Tell Us" button.
Tell us about yourself and about your book.
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