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Life Shouldn’t Just Happen!

Do you ever wish life had a “redo” feature? My word process has one. If I make a typographical error I can use the “redo” feature to “undo” the mistakes I’ve made! If something goes awry, I just use the “redo" feature..

Do you ever wish life had a “redo” feature?

My computer has a “restore” feature too! If things get so terribly messed up I can use the “restore” feature to take my computer backward in time to a time before things got messed up.

Do you ever wish life had a “restore” feature?

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When I was younger I used to play golf. I wasn’t much of a golfer. Sometimes the ball would fly this way, sometimes that way and, more often than not – simply go astray! A “mulligan!” A “mulligan” carries the same idea as the “redo” and “restore” features on the computer. You get a second chance! You disregard the errant shot! No penalties! No consequences! Simply take the shot over!

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Do you ever wish life would give you a “mulligan?”

I think all of us can look backward with regret – over things we’ve done or over things we’ve said. And, we wish life would provide a “redo” feature, or a “restore” feature – we wish life would give us a “mulligan!”

Bad News -- Life doesn’t work that way!

Good News –God Does!

God is the God of second chances! God, through the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross not only forgives our sins -- He actually “cancels” our past!

Many people struggle to move forward in life! At some point they seem to make forward progress! Then, inexplicably, the long arm of the past grabs them and pulls them backward! They’re suddenly overwhelmed and stymied by feelings of embarrassment! Deep feelings of guilt, shame, regret and more stubbornly appear! These dark feelings rush to the surface – people are snarled, trapped, shattered – and stuck!

Into our Shattered Lives

Jesus “restores” our Hearts!

Into our Shattered Families

Jesus “restores’ our Homes!

Into our Shattered World

Jesus “restores” our Hope!

When we look backward at some of the situations we’ve been involved in and some of the choices we’ve made, we think, if only I had a second chance. Sometimes when we make a mistake in life it feels so final, you may think it’s all over for you; but, know this – God is a God who provides that much needed second chance.

There’s a new day coming! Our past failures are not final and our pain need not be fatal! Know this -- your yesterdays don’t always have to determine your tomorrows!

Dr. John Dee Jeffries

Hip. Hip. Hallelujah!

Now where’s my golf club?

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