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Life's Darker Days

Sometimes, espe-cially during life’s darker days, trust-ing God is difficult. Yet, this much is certain: no matter what your circum-stances, you can trust God! The secret to moving forward is to nourish your faith as best as you are able. Invest in Bible study, prayer, meditation, and worship.

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Sometimes it’s hard to trust God! Sometimes, walking by faith is a bummer! But, keep walking…and keep trusting…. God knows where you are and what you’re dealing with – at this very moment!

The Bible promises this: tough times are temporary but God’s love endures forever! So what does this mean to you? Just this: from time to time everybody faces hardships and disappointments – even disappointment with God – and so will you. When tough times arrive, God always stands ready to protect you and help you. Your task is straightforward – you must share your burdens with Him.

Remember this: Keep on believing! You’ve not lost everything until you’ve lost your faith! And that’s a choice – never an accident!

Sometimes, things don't unfold the way we expect. Don't be disheartened and don't give up. God will make a way! Keep Running The Race

John Dee Jeffries

Broken Beyond Belief – But Not Beyond Faith

We're putting together an incredible collection of true stories of twenty amazing people who were Broken Beyond Belief – But Not Beyond Faith. You may be one of the twenty or know of someone who should be. Contact me.

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