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Sick and Tired -- Broken Beyond Belief

He was a drunk, a full-blown alcoholic – and in trouble! He sat across from me in the church office and shared a sad, sordid story that eventually destroyed his family and landed him in jail. No doubt about it - he was a drunk, a full-blown alcoholic – but he wouldn’t admit it!

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Some say that the alcoholic is the last to know that he’s an alcoholic. Wrong! He is the first to know! He just won’t admit it! Denial keeps him from admitting it. Playing the blame game keeps him from admitting it. Rationalization keeps him from admitting it. Justification keeps him from admitting it. And, the man across from me was using all of the avoidance mechanisms he could muster to avoid admitting that he was indeed a full-blown alcoholic.There are two things (broad categories) that help push an alcoholic/drug addict toward recovery – Pain and Power.

Pain and Power brought the man across from me to my office. The Pain of being under the Power of the judicial system. He was in trouble with the law, just released from an overnight stay in jail and that Power – the Power of the Law -- was causing him Pain. But, his pain was not yet great enough.

“Sir,” say’s I, “you’ve not yet hurt enough. There’s the door of my office. Go out and hurt some more. When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, that door will still be there. Walk through it and we’ll work on your recovery.”

He left adamantly protesting that he was not an alcoholic. Money eventually helped him work his way through the legal system and he emerged with only a slap on the hands.

Seven years later, however, he stuck his head through the door of my office. He was broken. “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Can you help me?”

“No,” say’s I, “but God can! And God did!

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I'm putting together an incredible collection of true stories of twenty amazing people who were Broken Beyond Belief – But Not Beyond Faith. You may be one of the twenty or know of someone who should be. Contact me. Send me your email address and some brief information here.

Broken Beyond Belief is not intended to be a how-to book, or a 10-steps-to-greatness book. This is a raw and vulnerable collection of true stories written by salt-of-the-earth people who bounced back from the bottom -- by the power of Jesus Christ.

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