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I Am Writing This With My Eye

“I am typing this email with my eye.”

The writer of the email was Wesley Harville, a disabled pastor in Arkansas, afflicted with ALS. The email was sent to Dr. John Dee Jeffries, CEO/Acquisitions Editor, Published By Parables and long-term pastor of First Baptist Church, Chalmette, Louisiana. Jeffries also serves on the Executive Board of the Louisiana Baptist Convention.

Jeffries shared that Published By Parables began as a hobby then quickly became a business then an anointed ministry.

“I asked God to extend and expand the reach of my ministry,” related Jeffries. “It was sort of a prayer of Jabez thing, a prayer to enlarge ministry territory. And God answered that prayer.”

You're Great At Writing

We're Great At Publishing

Our Distribution Partner Is Great At Getting Books

Into The Hands Of People Who Read Them

We Publish Christian Books -- FREE

Published By Parables, is incorporated in Louisiana as a one-stop, full-service Christian publisher. The ministry publishes and distributes Christian books around the world – FREE.

Published By Parables published “Meditate Therein Day And Night Book 1: A Scripture Memorization Plan” written by Harville -- with his eye.

“I have no use of my legs, my lung muscles are weak which greatly limits my speaking abilities and my arms and hands are almost useless. I cannot use a standard keyboard or phone. I am typing this with eye recognition technology. Yes sir, I am typing with my eye.”

“Physically, Wesley may be knocked down,” related Jeffries, “but spiritually and emotionally he’s standing up on the inside.”

Published By Parables is gearing up to publish the second and third of a series of three books for pastor Wesley. All three were written with eye recognition technology. Published By Parables has made Harville's book available online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and nearly 40,000 book distribution platforms globally. Local bookstores can order Rev. Harville's book through Ingram.

“I asked God to extend and expand my ministry,” related Jeffries, “and He did.”

During the last year, when the emphasis shifted to ministry, Published By Parables has published Christian books and books about Jesus for Wesley Harville, as well as a ninety-year-old senior adult, Mr. Richard Cortez, who resides in San Antonio, Texas. "Ending The Glorious Race By God’s Grace," written by Cortez, is a powerful passion-filled account of God’s grace bestowed upon Cortez.

Jeffries has also published the first of a series of books by Grace Brooks, a popular Christian children’s author who resides in Canada. "The Asquinn Twins Come To Forest Lake," the first of the Asquinn Twins series, tracks the spiritual exploits of the twins and their missionary family as they seek to advance the cause of Christ.

Pastor Chester Harrison from Booneville, Mississippi, wrote a spiritual biography about his Viet Nam experience. Judy Smith, Pearl River, Louisiana, wrote a children’s book that focuses on adoption from a Christian perspective. Joan Kennedy, a retired Washington parish, Louisiana school teacher has submitted a book of poetry for publication and Daniel Middlebrooks, a former chaplain and pastor from Plant City, Florida, is publishing several Christian books, the first is about marriage.

Several college and seminary professors as well as missionaries and Christ-loving housewives have submitted manuscripts for publishing.

“I’m convinced that God is opening doors and blessing our publishing ministry because we’re striving to get the right books into the right places at the right time for all the right reasons. Our Christian books are not money-making entities, they’re like missionaries sowing precious seed. God gives the increase.”

“Our global distribution partner,” related Jeffries, “has five global print facilities in the United States, two in the United Kingdom and another in Australia. Christian books published through Published By Parables are available through 39,000+ book distribution platforms to wholesalers and retailers. The distributor also distributes a quarterly Christian book catalogue to 4000+ Christian book stores across the United States.”

If you’ve written a Christian book or a book about Jesus you can contact Jeffries through

“Use our website's helpful ‘Tell Us’ button,” suggested Jeffries, “and tell us about yourself and your book. If God has called you to be a Christian author-writer and you’ve taken the steps to fulfilling that calling by writing a book, we want to do all that we can to help you publish your book -- FREE. If our strategy to publish Christian books free can bless you -- great. If not, we're confident that it will bless others.

“Know this, God will open doors for you to walk through to enable you to fulfill your call and get your book published. We may be that door.”

Dr. John Dee Jeffries

CEO/Acquisitions Editor

Published By Parables

Christian author, Christian writer, there’s a big world out there needing your wisdom, your encouragement and your words. Why not pick up the pen – today… and start writing. That inward impulse, that inward burst of creativity, well, you already know what that’s about…. If we can assist you in publishing your Christian book, give as a call, use the contact form, or the “Tell Us” button or send us an email...and, if you need a good Scripture memorizaation plan, check out “Meditate Therein Day And Night Book 1: A Scripture Memorization Plan” written by Harville -- with his eye. ‘enough said - John

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