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A World Without Color!

There is a dark side to light, you know, and a world without color -- darkened with smoke and grime. Such a place does exist. I have been there.

The sun shines in that world; but, it sort of languishes in a pale gray-streaked sky. It gives a dull, dismal glow; but, it lacks brightness. It is a damp and moldy place, that place, the world without color.

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Lying spirits flitted across the gray sky. I saw them when I was there. Yet, no one noticed. The lying spirits simply blended in -- seen but not seen.

Clouds run their circuits there too; but, they lack dimensionality. The clouds lack depth too and have no color gradation.

The world without color! Its an incredibly ugly, lifeless, drab place.

It is also a sad, sorrowful place – horrid and horrible -- joyless, dull -- The world without color! My town is there – and your town too!

In 2 Kings 6 God enabled a servant to see beneath the world of appearances; beneath the one-sided temporal view of existence. Yes, he saw the physical, the temporal; but, he also saw behind and beneath the world of appearances. God enables us to see the world as it is rather than allow us to live with false images – the world as we think it is.

I saw the world without color. It was a damp and moldy place, that place, the world without color.

The Holy Spirit, who opens blind eyes to see, it is He who places and keeps us in the world. We are, however, not of the world, thus the same Spirit calls us to come out from among the world. God's Spirit actually aligns us against the world because, like God, we are for the world. It is He who enables us to see the world without color -- the world as is -- and the radiance of His power that lovingly encircles us and the world!

The dominant theme in that world without color is death and death’s dominance. The focus there is not on the seen but on the unseen -- and death! Once you see, well, even something as beautiful as fall foliage has a different visual slant, a slant that proclaims the dominance of death.

There are demons in that world without color. The demons were everywhere, in, about, around– they were everywhere. These horrible demons celebrated death without ceasing.

For a brief moment, I saw the world without color and felt death and tasted wisdom; and, I suffered deep in the pit of my spirit, I suffered and I sorrowed! I moaned, mourned and groaned in horrid harmony with all creation – just for a moment - which was all I could bear!

Which brings me back to that world without color, that less familiar world.

The world without color reveals the blight of the Fall, the stain of sin and the curse of death. It is an invisible world, not temporal, but spiritual.

Like a tinted mirror the unseen world is a dark, dismal reflection of the temporal world where we live. We live in that other world too, that world without color. Many see, yet do not see. Though we are not legally blind, many areliterally blind to the reality of and the presence of the world without color. Again, many see, yet do not see.

The Bible opens our eyes to see “the World as it is” so that we can move beyond "the World as we think it is."

The Word of God, and only the Word of God, can disentangled and disengage the seen and the unseen.

There is a dark side to light, you know. Evil wears many disguises. It always camouflages itself as other than it is; and, good men are deceived.

The very nature of deception is that the deceived do not know that they are deceived.

There is a dark side to light, you know, and a world without color -- darkened with smoke and grim.

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