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The Christian Author: A Blog Casting A Shadow Greater Than Ours

Shadow Games! We’ve all played Shadow Games! As children we quickly learn if we stand in a certain way – positioning ourselves in relation to Light – well, we can actually cast a shadow that is greater than ourselves! Significantly Greater than Ourselves!

In a powerfully profound way God’s Christian church (that’s you and me) – we – by the power of God who works in us and through us -- cast a long shadow over our culture – and our culture in turn casts a long shadow over us!

The French historian Alexis de Tocqueville once wrote, “I looked in the world and I saw the church. I looked in the church and I saw the world!”

In the ongoing battle – cultural war – we are upset about and against many things! And the battle rages on….

Flesh Against Spirit

Darkness stands in opposition against Light

We’re Upset About And Against This!

We’re Upset About And Against That!

And – We’re Upset About And Against this other too!

Battered, Bloodied, and Bruised – many a weary warrior has bit into and believed several lies perpetrated in the pit of Hell.

The outcome – instead of casting a shadow greater than themselves they merely shadow box – accomplishing very little as they battle unseen foes who do not exist!

In this message you’ll hear how God uses….

God Uses SMALL People

To accomplish GREAT things

God Uses SMALL Things

To accomplish GREAT things

God Uses SMALL Places

To accomplish GREAT things

--------------------000 ---------------------

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