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The Christian Author - a blog 5-1-16

A Dark Companion – Defeated!

“We talked about death. The husband and I, we talked about it! We did! I always thought,” says she, “I always thought about our death in a sort of romantic kind of way. I thought that when death came for one of us, well, the one that died first would sort of pass ‘gently into the night.’ But, when he died, well, there was nothing ‘gentle’ about it….and, there was nothing romantic about it. His death was hard. Long. Drawn out. Messy. And….”

Thinking about her and the tragic death of her husband led me to think about a time when I was not yet a man, yet, I was no longer a child. It was one of those strange times when I thought I knew it all. I was driving dad’s car through City Park in New Orleans, Louisiana, with Genny, my future wife, seated in the passenger seat. As I recall we were somewhere near the City Park golf course.

Its seared in my memory -- the golfer taking a swing at his ball – when suddenly, into my line of sight, between me and the golfer, there came the image of a man – putting a gun to his head – and pulling the trigger!

As the golfer dropped his club to run toward the afflicted man, I pulled the car to the side of the road and ran to see if I could help.

From a few feet away, the dying man looked like a fallen tree. His body was facedown. He was dead for less than a minute when the golfer and I got to where he was. The golfer and I stood there looking at him. Neither of us knew what to do. Then there was a sudden twitching, a quiver in the dead flesh of the man as he lay there.

“He’s alive! He’s alive! My God, he’s still alive,” shouted the golfer. Shock ran through me as the dying man’s head turned toward us. His small closed eyes suddenly opened. He looked at us – then he died!

Thinking about the death of the woman’s husband, and thinking about the self-inflicted death of the

man near the golf course, well, there was nothing ‘gentle’ about either….and, there was nothing romantic about death either. Both death’s were hard. One was long, drawn out and messy. The other was quick, messy and….

My stomach churned. The golfer threw up. We wept.

--------------------000 ---------------------

Death may be sensationalized in our culture. It may be glamorized in the movies. We may even carry romantic images about our own death and the death of people love dearly! Death is not our friend! I repeat – Death is not our friend! Death is a foe!

The Good News is this, Jesus said, “Rejoice! I have overcome….” Jesus overcame sin’s dark companion, Death. Death has been defeated! Death has no sting! The grave has no victory!

Through Christ there is Life, blessed life eternal, life everlasting and an ultimate destiny that is beyond our ability to comprehend…

--------------------000 ---------------------

.Christian authors use timeless principles of narration and storytelling to communicate Christian truth. Their books, articles, poems and other literary devices are gifts, their gifts to God and to the larger Christian community. Their goal? To have God use their words to touch people, young and old alike and to transform young lives with life-changing, character building Christian truth.

Christian author, Christian writer, there’s a big world out there needing your wisdom, your encouragement and your words. Why not pick up the pen – today… and start writing. That inward impulse, that inward burst of creativity, well, you already know what that’s about…. If we can assist you in publishing your Christian book, give as a call, use the contact form, or send us an email. ‘enough said - John

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