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The Christian Author - April 15, 2016

When Faith Dwindles

Sometimes, faith dwindles! The bottom falls out! The bubble breaks! Dreams turn to ashes! Whether we realize it or not – God uses trials and troubles to work for us, not against us! They often serve as teachers who enable us to know who God is and who we are not!

Even so, sometimes, our faith dwindles. We attempt to shoulder the storms in our own strength, eventually collapse, and sometimes in the midst of defeat and devastation we find ourselves attempting to confront God!

When we reach the mountain tops of life praising God is easy. In the moment of triumph, we trust God’s plan. But, when the storm clouds form overhead and we find ourselves in the dark valley of despair – our faith is stretched, sometimes to the breaking point.

What do you do when the bottom falls out? When the bubble breaks? When it looks as if your dreams are turning to ashes? What do you do when you’ve hoped against hope and hope, like a flame, flickeres, grows dim, and finally, is extinguished – and you stand there, weak, shattered – hopeless!

It was nearly thirty years ago that I learned a valuable lesson. The storm clouds had gathered overhead and it was a dark time indeed. I was in the dark valley of despair – disappointed – disappointed in life, disappointed in myself, disappointed in God. Through that experience I learned a valuable lesson: God can do anything except make a mistake!

Sometimes, especially during life’s darker days, trusting God is difficult. Yet, this much is certain: whatever your circumstances, you can trust God! The secret to moving forward is to nourish your faith as best as you are able. Invest in Bible study, prayer, meditation, and worship.

Sometimes it’s hard to trust God! Sometimes, walking by faith is a bummer! But, keep walking…and keep trusting…. God knows where you are and what you’re dealing with – at this very moment!

The Bible promises : tough times are temporary but God’s love endures forever! So what does this mean to you? Just this: from time to time everybody faces hardships and disappointments – even disappointment with God – and so will you. When tough times arrive, God always stands ready to protect you and help you. Your task is straightforward – you must share your burdens with Him.

Remember this: Keep on believing! You’ve not lost everything until you’ve lost your faith! And that’s a choice – never an accident!

Dr. John Dee Jeffries

Sometimes, things don't unfold the way we expect. Don't be disheartened and don't give up. God will make a way! Keep Running The Race -- John

Someone once said…

“Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there!” Remember, God will guide you on your journey….! He will!

One further thought – remember that book you said you were going to write. There’s a big world out there needing your wisdom and encouragement. So, why not pick up the pen – today… and start writing. That inward impulse, well, you already know what that’s about…. ‘enough said - John

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