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The Sound Of Sovereign Silence

I won’t presume to know how you know or how you feel when you sense that you’re in what the theologians call the "manifest presence" of God. I won’t presume to know how you know that the Lord is speaking to you or how it is that you know that it is God you are hearing. Here’s something, one small thing that I took away from my encounter with the "manifest presence" of God….

“…I discovered that God gives us the gift of intuition and the capacity to think, deductively, logically, so as to develop conclusions. These are mysterious gifts, yet sacred, subtle – inexplicable – God’s gift of discernment. Through intuition God gives us the ability to sense and feel that which is beyond us. We suddenly see what previously could not be seen. Through thought God gives us the ability to verify and validate the veracity of that which would otherwise be unknown. Intuition and the capacity to think enable the rational mind to see the order lying behind the appearance. For many, the order behind the appearance is God. When everything seems like it's falling apart, that's when God is putting things together, bringing order out of disorder. Intuition and the ability to think enable us to see this.” -- from The Last Martyr, Dr. John Dee Jeffries

What about you. Have you had a “God-Encounter” experience? If you have then you have a story to share. In a certain sense all of us are called to share our stories. Some use a pulpit. Others proclaim it one-on-one. Still others use the pen.

Question: Has God called you to pick up the pen – and write your stories. If you’ve had an encounter with God through your faith in Christ then you have a story worth sharing. (Notice that the description of my God-encounter was incorporated into a work classified as fiction. There's more than one way to tell a story)..

Some of us are called to write stories. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction – what you write is your story – give to you by God. If God has called you to be a Christian author-writer and you’ve taken the first steps into that calling by acknowledging that call, know this, God will open doors for you to walk through to enable you to fulfill your call.

John Dee Jeffries

Earthly Stories With A Heavenly Meaning

~ Parables: Stories Worth Sharing – Messages That Minister ~

If God has called you to be a Christian author-writer you have a special call and a special assignment from God. There are many steps to be taken as you move deeper into that call. The first step is to acknowledge and respond to His call. Through Scripture God’s Spirit will give direction for your life, a life shaped to meet the challenges of your call. Some may doubt your calling to write or they may doubt your ability to write – forget the “nay sayers” -- focus on Christ, remember your call and thank Him for the people who believe in you.

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