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Secret Love Letters

“I loo-vee yoou, Bro-tho John,” she whispered in my ear. “I loo-vee yoou, Bro-tho John,” as she hugged me tightly, Sunday after Sunday.

I hold poignant, powerful memories of this very special woman She loved God. She loved God’s church and she loved me, God’s pastor. Through her love, her pure genuine love, I learned valuable lessons about the joy of hugging.

Every Sunday she gave me her secret “love letters” – but I couldn’t read a word that she had written – not a word. She would write these “love letters” over a period of several hours every Saturday, then, when she and only she knew that the letters were complete, she would roll them together tightly and wrap a brown rubber band around them.

In our world, too often. people with Down syndrome are taken for granted and often overlooked by others. In reality, these special people are special gifts from God. They are some of God's greatest givers of love -- and of hugs! Someone once said, “If they ran the world, their ability to minister to others would not be wasted.”

This special friend of mine is in heaven now. One day I’ll see her again and we’ll sit together and read those secret “love letters” – one by one. Her name? Carol….and I love telling her story.

Stories! Everyone has a story. Some of us are called to write stories. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction – what you write is your story.

One day you’ll gather your children or your grandkids around you and you’ll tell stories – stories about your life! Today’s choices and decisions and their subsequent consequences – that’s the story you’ll tell! The decisions you make today will determine the stories you tell tomorrow. So, today – write a story worth telling!

So many stories fill the pages of life. So, pick up the pen and write. Write a story worth telling… and get it published!

John Dee Jeffries

~ Parables: Stories Worth Sharing – Messages That Minister ~

If God has called you to be a Christian author-writer and you’ve taken the first steps into that calling, God will open doors for you to walk through to enable you to fulfill your call. Through Scripture God will speak His direction for your life, a life that will be shaped by your call. Some may doubt your calling to be an author or your ability to write – forget the “nay sayers” -- focus on and remember God Who has called you and thank Him for the people who believe in you.

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