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The Christian Author: February 15, 2016

…And They Lived Happily-Unhappily Ever After!

She was a graduate of Mississippi College, speaking in Chapel, testifying and telling her Life Story. She likened her Life Story to a Portrait on a Canvas. With a flare for words she weaved a story that portrayed each of us as being given a Life Canvas, a set of brushes and various colored paints.

I thought about her the other day and wondered about her and her Life Story! And I thought about myself and my Life Story – and I thought about our feelings regarding Life Stories.

We like stories that have Happy Endings. Whether the story is in a Book or a Movie or Real Life, We like stories with Happy Endings. Cinderella marries Prince Charming – And They Live Happily Ever After! The Maiden kisses the frog and the frog becomes a Prince – And They Live Happily Ever After! We LIKE stories that have Happy Endings.

We dislike stories with Unhappy Ending’s. Whether the story is in a Book or a Movie or Real Life, We dislike stories with Sad Endings. We all understand, however, that Life and its Stories don’t always have Happy Endings. Years ago, the American public demanded that, I believe it was F. Scott Fitzgerald, the American public demanded that he change the Unhappy Ending of one of his novels. He refused! The public protest eventually abated because Life and its Stories don’t always have Happy Endings. That’s part of life.

We DISTAIN stories that have Unjust Endings -- Especially if we are the recipient of the injustice. We don’t like living in a world filled with injustice; but, we do! And we know that some stories have Unjust Endings.

Because the Human Story is FLAWED and MARRED and filled with Disappointing Stories with Unhappy Endings and Devastating Stories with Unjust Endings, we often DESENSITIZE ourselves to the Pain that is associated with and accompanies Life in a Fallen Universe. We either See with Dull Eyes, Shut our Eyes temporarily or Walk through Life with Blind Eyes. Jesus pointed out this Human Dilemma on more than one occasion -- Seeing, they do not see; Hearing, they do not hear!

Which brings me back to the young graduate speaking in Chapel, who likened her Life Story to a Portrait on a Canvas. She concluded by saying, “I’m painting a beautiful painting and in the end, it will be a thing of great beauty! And I refuse, I simply refuse, to allow anyone or anything to mess with my painting!”

As my wife and I left Chapel that day I remember saying, “I understand her sentiments! She gave an encouraging testimony; but, she hasn’t lived long enough or she just doesn’t see the darker side of life that intrudes!”

~ “Messages That Minister” ~

Happily-Unhappily Ever After!

One Day, The Sad Story will knock at the Door of her Life (your life -- my life), or One Day Injustice will come her way (your way – my way). What happens then?

We stand there…Facing Sorrow FULL FACE! What happens then? WE stand there…Looking Evil straight in the eye! What happens then?

When it becomes obvious and we see that we’re not going to Live Happily Ever After – there are some things people need to know:

(1) The Story is not over!

(2) If you’re a believer in Christ, life in this fallen universe is the worse it will ever be! If you’re not a believer in Christ, life in this fallen universe is the best it will ever be!

(3) No matter what has come or does come into your life or marred your life portrait – Romans 8:28 will win out in the end and – through the power of Christ you will live happily ever after! And, that puts a smile on the face, hope in the heart, and courage in the spirit!

One final thought, Stories are formed as people write the chapters and pages of their lives! Sometimes people write chapters that make them proud. Other times – well, not quite!

Sometimes people get stuck in a “not quite” chapter. When that happens they need someone to show them how to turn the page and start writing something new! That’s why God has called you to be a Christian author.

You’ll write the greatest and grandest stories when you hand the paper and pen to God – and let Him be the Author of the stories that you write. After all, the Bible does say that God is….. “the Author…” (Hebrews 12:2).

So, if you’re stuck in a “not quite” chapter – let God write your story! With God the greatest and the grandest is yet to come! So begin now! Begin now to live a story worth telling! Remember, the story you’ll share tomorrow is being written today!

John Dee Jeffries

One day, maybe years from now, you're going to tell a story about this season in your life. Your choices and the consequences of those choices will be like words that fill a page. Pages fill a chapter. Chapters fill a book. Every decision big and small writes the story you will tell. Like Christ, we're all authors, so write.

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