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Stuck In Chapter 4

Is God calling you to be a Christian author?

Today. Sunday. Something happened today. Something happened today -- to me – in a way that has never happened before – and I was stunned. Goose bumps. I’ve got ‘em even as I write. Today, the congregation of the Lord gathered for worship. The Spirit of God moved. The people of God sang. Wonderful music. Then, preaching. Then, the most exciting part – the invitation. An elderly man and his twenty-something year-old son came forward – both were weeping. “We’re broken,” says the father. “My son and I, we’re broken. We’re stuck in Chapter 4 of your book.”

Is God calling you to be a Christian author? Perhaps He has. Perhaps He is.

When adversity and dark times come people often feel weak, frail and alone. Surrounded by darkness, many become anxious, fearful and distraught. Others become stronger. They pass through the adversity, stand taller, and cast a shadow greater than themselves. Through tough times they have learned how to cast their cares on Him. They have learned how to rely on the strength of God and His grace. Others shrink back, puzzled by the whole affair.

All of us have struggles that hinder our growth, diminish our passion, and hold us back. Many of you have passed through the fiery trial of faith, sometimes more than once. God has given you a testimony, a story to share – and answers to some of life’s most perplexing problems.

A popular book from yesteryear, written by Paul E. Billheimer was titled: Don’t Waste Your Sorrows.

God uses Christian writers and authors, people just like you and just like me, to help the hurting, to transform lives and to teach other how to bring abundance out of adversity. Being a Christian author is a calling. Is God calling you to be a Christian author? Don’t waste your sorrows! Allow God to use you – write a book, respond to His call

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Our mission is to provide Christian authors and writers publishing options that are uniquely Christian, quick, affordable and easy to understand -- in an effort to please Christ who has called us to a writing ministry. We know the challenges of getting published, especially if you’re a first-time author. God, who called you to write your book, will provide the grace sufficient to the task of getting it published.

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