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The Christian Author: January 2016

Publishing your book is a daunting task and at times it can be confusing. The publishing industry, like most industries, is experiencing rapid change and chaos as technologies negate the old ways of doing business. It is not, however, all smoke and mirrors. Yet, it’s also not as cut and dry as some would have you believe.

Know this: God, who called you to write your book, will provide the grace (and the finances) sufficient to the task of getting it published. God always finishes what He starts. Count on it.

As shared in last month’s blog, as you move away from traditional publishing there is one pressing concern that will, like a strangling weed, put a stranglehold on the publication of your book – worrying about money.

Many Christian writers have discovered a relatively new resource to financially underwrite the publication of their book – crowdfunding.

Christian authors are flocking to crowdfunding sites to raise financial support for their book projects. It’s a beautiful and simple idea: have your friends, church friends, families, readers fund your book. (There’s also a large contingent of people who support and invest financially in Christian authors and prospective Christian authors -- simply because they feel called by God to do so.) For their financial investment in the publishing of your book your supporters will receive a special gift, i.e., an ebook, or a softcover, or a hardcover, or a number of signed copies of your book. The special gift is related to the financial pledge level that supporters provide.

Kickstarter is the most recognizable crowdfunding platform. Matt Gartland reports in Winning Edits that Robin Sloan garnered financial support from 570 backers who donated a total of $13,942 USD, dwarfing his original pledge goal of $3,500 USD. “Kickstarter may be the big fish in the crowdfunding sea,” writes Gartland, “but it’s not the only fish.”

A simple google search provides access to hundreds of crowdfunding platforms. Each offers different approaches and strategies.

The models may differ slightly but they all share a common formula, relates Gartland, in his article: (1) author has book concept -> (2) author pitches book concept -> (3) readers fund book concept (if they like it).

Crowdfunding can be a pretty amazing experience. It’s an opportunity to raise money and do what you love, and it’s also an unparalleled chance to build and connect with a community that shares your passion.

Here’s an important, amazing fact: crowdfunding campaigns run by two or more team members raise 94% more money than campaigns run by single individuals.

Here’s another key: the most effective way to generate support for a crowdfunding campaign is through the email.... followed by facebook posts, social media, etc.

We’ve put together a special Crowdfunding Playbook (absolutely free) for authors who publish their book(s) through Published By Parables.

At Published By Parables we understand the Value of a Dollar; We Know the Importance of Producing a Quality Product; and We Publish what we Publish for the Glory of God. Because your book is your gift to God and the larger Christian community you build your own publishing package based upon your goals, objectives, needs and resources.

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