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The Christian Author: December, 2015

It’s done! Your manuscript is finished, complete…and you’re ready to submit it for publication. Like a runner at the starting block you’re filled with eager anticipation. You’ve invested time, effort and hours writing, praying and seeking God’s guidance. You've poured your heart and soul into writing your book; and you've long dreamt of the day when you will finally hold a printed copy of your book in your hands. You’ve done it. You’ve written a book. Congratulations! The hardest part is over (or is it).

As we shared in our last blog (November – 2015) traditional publishers have been the industry standard for decades. You write a book. They buy the rights to your book then they finance the publication and marketing of your book. Your book is published, promoted and marketed by the traditional publisher. You receive negotiated royalties, make appearances on Christian television and conduct interviews on Christian radio.

There’s only one problem – one major problem-- it’s not working that way for you. So, here you sit. Weeks, months, sometimes even years have passed. You’ve identified a ton of traditional publishers, made a list of their submission guidelines, written query letters, submitted a book synopsis, provided two or three chapters – all to no avail – not one traditional publisher has responded. (Every positive response you’ve received is from either a subsidy publisher or a vanity publisher – and, they usually require a major financial investment from you for a publishing package to get your book published.)

As shared on our website, at Published By Parables we know the challenges of getting published, especially if you’re a first-time author. However, don’t be discouraged -- God, who called you to write your book, will provide the grace sufficient to the task of getting it published.

At this point a very important decision is yet to be made – do you utilize the services of a subsidy publisher? How do you avoid the trap of signing with a vanity publisher? Should you attempt the daunting task of self publishing? How long should you wait to make this decision? How long do you wait and hope for a traditional publishing contract?


Be careful. Do not rush nor be frantic in your efforts to decide. So many feel they are not making progress unless they are swiftly, speedily and frantically forging ahead. Remember, a falling star races through the evening sky, burns brightly, yet with it’s great haste proceeds to burn itself out to its own destruction.

Remember, your book IS SPECIAL – it is unique. Your book is your gift to God and the larger Christian community. You don’t want to rush – but, you don’t want to waste valuable time by procrastinating.

Nevertheless, as you move away from traditional publishing there is one pressing concern that will, like a strangling weed, put a stranglehold on the publication of your book – worrying about money.

A suggestion – why not take a month or so to explore and investigate Christian publishers. See what they offer. Determine what and who works best for you. Evaluating your options at this juncture is a wise thing to do.

At Published By Parables we fulfill our mission best by providing Christian authors and writers publishing options that are uniquely Christian, quick, affordable and easy to understand -- in an effort to please Christ who has called us to a writing ministry.

Next month our blog will share some good news about our special discounts – and we’ll also share how you can generate outside financial underwriting for the publication of your book.

At Published By Parables we understand the Value of a Dollar; We Know the Importance of Producing a Quality Product; and We Publish what we Publish for the Glory of God. Because your book is your gift to God and the larger Christian community you build your own publishing package based upon your goals, objectives, needs and resources.

Surf and Explore our site -- then use our easy-to-use “Cost Calculator

We're a one-stop, full-service Christian publisher.

We know our limits. We know our capabilities.

You won't be disappointed

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