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The Christian Author: November, 2015

Like a runner at the starting block you’re probably filled with eager anticipation. It is day one! You’ve

finally put your pen down. Your manuscript is finished, complete…and you’re ready to publish. Here’s a brief, helpful analysis of the publishing industry – an industry caught in the chaos of change.

There are many different types of book publishers and just as many definitions and descriptions that clarify their differences. The most common categories of book publishers are: Traditional Publishers, Subsidy Publishers, Vanity Publishers and Self-Publishers.

TRADITIONAL PUBLISHERS have been the industry standard for decades. You write a book. They buy the rights to your book then finance its publication and marketing. Your book is published, promoted and marketed using the publisher’s name. You receive negotiated royalties.

SUBSIDY PUBLISHERS usually do not buy the rights to your book. Many subsidy publishers allow you to retain ownership of your book. They also limit or refrain from financial investment in the publication and marketing of your book. Your book is, however, published using the publisher’s name. (There are some prominent names in the Subsidy Publishing industry that give the appearance of being traditional, but or not). Subsidy Publishers also provide many similar services provided by Traditional Publishers.

VANITY PUBLISHERS, like Subsidy Publishers, do not buy the rights to your book. You retain ownership of your book. The publisher makes no financial investment in the publication, promotion and/or marketing of your book. When your book is published it is not published under the publisher’s name – it is published under the author’s name. Vanity Publishers provide some of the services of the Subsidy Publishers.

SELF-PUBLISHERS are just that – books that are published by the author. The author handles everything needed to get their work into print and the development of marketing strategies. At Published By Parables we understand the Value of a Dollar; We Know the Importance of Producing a Quality Product; and We Publish what we Publish for the Glory of God. Because your book is your gift to God and the larger Christian community you build your own publishing package based upon your goals, objectives, needs and resources. Surf and Explore our site -- then use our easyto-use “Cost Calculator” We're a one-stop, full-service Christian publisher. We know our limits. We know our capabilities. You won't be disappointed

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