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What do you do when your patience with life is worn out.  Everything seems to be unraveling.  The pressure is mounting.  And, to make matters worst you desperately need God - but you can't find God. What do you do and where do you go when you can't find God?  You're in the thick of trouble and you know it. And, you're worried and you're wondering…

                               IS THERE ANY HOPE FOR ME
                                                  The Answer is...YES.
                              IS GOD REALLY HERE, NEAR, RIGHT NOW
                                                  The Answer is...YES.

Know this: The LORD is near, very near – and He hears your silent cry. He knows your desperation, your loneliness. He sees your tears, your heartbreak, your disappointment, your pain. 

He weeps with your weeping – not because He is powerless, but because He knows and understands your situation, your circumstance, your anxieties and your fear.

When I Can't Find God by Dr. John Dee Jeffries

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  • God didn't save us to limp through life. Victory is the expectation God has for every believer. Things may look hopeless now -- but God's not finished yet!

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