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God's revelation, the Bible, records that the magnificent, omnipotent, eternally self-existent One, Who was before there was a beginning, or time, or space, or anything, chose to make Himself known. This God, Who fills all things, yet is contained by none, Who exists within eternity, yet is greater than eternity, has stepped from eternity into time. His intention? To reveal, not just His characteristics, qualities or attributes, but His identity -- Who He is -- and how we can relate to Him. His revelation? The astounding reality that He is One, a Singular Being, yet a union of three persons -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- and that He, as Father, invites His children, the Son's disciples, through the intimate presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives, to share in and experience the profound intimacy of Their union.

What is it that necessitated His stepping from eternity into time?  One of the primary answers to that question is found in the title of this book: Total Depravity

The Total Depravity Of Man by Arthur W Pink

SKU: 978-0-9966165-3-9
  • Arthur Pink, one of Christendom’s most distinguished writers, explores the depths of this often neglected biblical doctrine -- The Total Depravity Of Man. A pull-no-punches, no-whole barred, exploration of a fundamental doctrine that is both deep and profound.  Masterfully Written! A Highly Acclaimed, Distinctively Fresh treatment! 

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