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With the dawn of the new millennium, the traditional understanding of Who God is and the historic understanding of how He is experienced are being shaped, reshaped, and shifted devastatingly by tumultuous theological and philosophical winds as truth is cast about in spiritual chaos. In the storm center of swirling spiritual confusion stands the post-modern church and, under her umbrella, the people who will shape the understanding of truth for the next generation. With the destructive uprooting of once carefully sown biblical understandings that were planted by pious hands, the church of the new millennium is confronted with the necessity of defining and clarifying the historic, revealed identity of the God of Scripture and the truth of how He is experienced. 

 This Classic book – The Sovereignty Of God --  introduces and orients the reader to critical biblical/theological thinking about God -- with a clarity that fosters biblical thought and facilitates Bible comprehension.

The Sovereignty of God by Arthur W Pink

SKU: 978-0-9966165-5-3
  • You'll encounter the sovereign God. This Christian Classic is unashamedly and unapologetically geared to lead you to be a fully-committed, fully-devoted follower of Christ -- with a backbone!

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