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Since the beginning of time people have been thinking about the end of time. Many have made predictions about how and when the end would happen. Most of us are familiar with Nostradamus, Bishop Ussher, the Mayans or others who predicted the end. Even now the Muslims expect the Mahdi to appear. The Christians are looking for the Christ. Orthodox Jews are looking for their Messiah. Others look for the incarnation of Krishna and still others look for the reappearance of Mohammed. Each of these messianic types are associated with the end of the world. 

Hidden behind the veil of prophecy is another end time revelation -- Before the 1st Coming of Christ, God gave John - the Last Prophet - Whose Death Closed The Old Testament Age. Before the 2nd Coming of Christ, God gives another John. He is John - The Last Martyr - Whose Death will Close The New Testament Age.  Written in the style of Os Guiness and Frank Peretti.

The Last Martyr by Dr. John Dee Jeffries

SKU: 978-0692455531
  • Explore Extraordinary Places, including Christ Cathedral: The Church Of The Final Judgment; the Grand Library of Christ Cathedral with its Hidden Treasures and Ancient Artifacts; The Chapel of the Candle, plus mysterious Labyrinths, Bell Towers and the other-worldly site of the ancient Menorah whose majestic flames control the flow of time and history.  

    Contains an over flowing abundance of biblical truth!

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