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As sparks flew upward, Christian prophets like Tozer, Lewis, Phillips and others, were flung as burning embers across the theological landscape of the last century. They smoldered, then ignited, with the flame of their torches feeding on the unseen, setting the very air on fire, lighting the way, seeking to astonish and awaken God's church through their prophetic pens. Like the prophets of old, these refugees from yesterday wore a halo of sanctity, had long memories and a fierce loyalty to Truth; qualities that linger, indelibly stamped on our memories and imaginations. They stood in a howling theological wilderness like solitary prophets, weeping over a world becoming more and more empty of God. 

And, standing in the midst?  The author of this Classic book – Arthur W. Pink.

This Classic book introduces and orients the reader to critical biblical/theological thinking about God -- with a clarity that fosters biblical thought and facilitates biblical understanding.

The Doctrine Of Election by Arthur W Pink

SKU: 978-0-9966165-6-0
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