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Do Something Great

Don’t Worry. Be Joyful. Publish Happy.


No Smoke. No Mirrors. No Gimmicks.

We Publish Christian Books - FREE!

Christian author, Christian writer, there’s a big world out there needing your wisdom, your encouragement and your words. That inward impulse, that inward burst of creativity, well, you already know what that’s about….

You've Got A Story To Tell -- A Story To Share

You Write It. We'll Publish It -- FREE

Our Distributor Will Get It Into

The Hands Of People Who Will Read It

The Big Blessing Publishing Package is intentionally designed to give you the greatest opportunity of success in publishing and distributing your Christian book, across the country and around the world. The Big Blessing includes…

(1) All Printer Setup Fees

(2) Copyright Registration

(3) ISBN-Barcode

(4) Classic Cover Design

(5) Interior Page Design

(6) SEO Video

(7) Parables Press Release

(8) Social Media Promo Video (9) Marketing Guide

(10) Global Distribution.

Your high quality, premium bound soft cover book will be listed with the world’s largest print book distribution system, a system that is utilized by 39,000 independent and chain bookstores (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc), libraries, online retailers and wholesalers.

(11) eBook Conversion/Creation/Distribution

Your printed book data will also be converted and created into an eBook and listed with Amazon, the world’s largest eBook global distributor. Through Amazon and their many global distribution outlets your eBook will be available to people in over 170 countries,

(12) 10 Complimentary Copies of your Book

As a participant in The Big Blessing publishing strategy when your book is published you will receive 10 complimentary copies to share with family and friends. You may order additional copies if you like at any time you like; but, you are under no obligation to buy any additional books.

You Keep 100% 0f The Net Sales Of Your Book

Do Something Great For God!

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