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The Christian Author - March 15, 2016

God Sent An eMail

I went to bed late one night. Troubled. I was troubled. I had spent the day working on my first book, The Last Martyr and now it was night – and I was troubled. I was at a road block. I couldn’t figure out how much of the storyline to reveal at the beginning of the book. How many clues should I give? How much info should I provide?

Well, I got up the next morning and I had this devotional email waiting for me….it was an eMail from God (You'll never convince me that He didnt send it!) The title of the email was “It’s a Mystery!”….here’s some of what it said…

It's a Mystery!

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Agatha Christie. Ken Follett. John Grisham. Mickey Spillane. Mary Higgins Clark. Tom Clancy. Robert Ludlum. Ian Fleming.

If you're a reader, you recognize these names as authors of great mystery novels. (If you're not a reader, you've seen some of their novels in movies.) There's a real trick to writing a good mystery novel. You've got to give people enough clues so they aren't totally lost but not reveal too much evidence so they solve the mystery before the story's climax. A master mystery writer controls the "ah-ha" moment.

Isn’t it wonderful how God speaks to us! I was stunned! Amazed! (I immediately added a Prologue to the book!

I’ve often shared that if God has called you to be a Christian author-writer and you’ve taken the first steps into that calling, God will open doors for you to walk through to enable you to fulfill your call. And, sometimes, just sometimes – God might even send you an eMail to help you along the way.

Dr John Dee Jeffries

It is never too late to do what God wants you to do. Maybe you're in a dark chapter in your life. Hang in there. Remember – your story’s not over!

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