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History bears witness to diabolical, cruel, evil world leaders. History also testifies that these evil leaders at first appear to be loving and compassionate. Evil masquerades as something other than what it actually is by wearing deceptive disguises. 

Sometimes evil leaders wear the mask of savior. Disguised with the mask of goodness, they and their empty promises deceive many. Evil, masqueraded as goodness, has often been enthusiastically and blindly followed by the populace. Such was the case of the first of the four horsemen described in the book of Revelation.   This man, this evil one personified, he has been called by many names. The Lawless One. The Evil One. You know him as…..The Anti-Christ.

Powerfully Written!  An Excellent, Exciting Exposition of the Word of God!  Pink explores and explains the intriguing biblical symbols and symbolism, allegories, similes, powerful metaphors and other literary devices that describe the Anti-Christ

The AntiChrist by Arthur W Pink

SKU: 978-0-9966165-1-5
  • Stellar!  Peerless!  Masterfully Written!  An Exceptional Book!

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