A Special Cost-Effective, Cost-Efficient, Publishing Package For Churches, Evangelists, Missionaries, and More!


God Intends For Your Book

To Be A Blessing – Not A Burden


At Published By Parables we understand the value of a dollar. 

We know the importance of producing a quality product 

And we publish what we publish for the glory of God.


The Good Steward

A Special Cost Effective, Cost Efficient, Publishing Package

Ideal For Churches, Evangelists, Missionaries, Denominations, and More!

Only $149

• No Smoke and Mirrors     • No Chaos or Confusion


Our Mission Is The Great Commission

Reach As Many As You Can

In Every Way That You Can While You Can



At the conclusion of each service give the people an opportunity

To invest in your evangelistic ministry by purchasing your book.



What a great lasting impression your church will make

Provide each church visitor with a beautiful, high quality copy of your book


Large Church Projects/Campaigns

Launch A Campaign!  Undergird a Sermon Series!  Ideal for Multiple Cell Groups

Use our High-Quality Perfect Bound Soft Cover books to enhance your efforts


Evangelistic Pastors

Have your church members do a neighborhood canvas

Distribute free copies of your wonderful book to

Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, and Neighbors


Great for Fund Raising Activities

Excellent For Church Histories

Denominational Projects

Missionary Endeavors


The Good Steward

The Good Steward Publishing Package Provides…


Interior Page Layout

Our Elegant, yet simplistic professional book interior designs (Adobe inDesign)

create a beautiful, reading experience.  Your choice of white or cream paper enhances the value of your high quality Premium Bound softcover.


High Quality Cover Design

Published By Parables uses classic cover designs (matte or gloss)

that reflect the poise, values and virtues of God’s Kingdom

(We insert your logo to create greater awareness of your ministry)


SKU Number Assignment 

The SKU Number is a tracking number that replaces the

ISBN number for book projects that do not need a global distribution


5 Complimentary Copies of your Book

When your book is published you’ll receive 5 Complimentary Copies


Neither you, or your church, or your ministry are under any obligation to purchase

additional books.  If you do need additional books for your ministry project,

you may order as few or as many extra books as you deem necessary.


At Published By Parables you retain all rights to your intellectual material.

We do provide copyright registration if your book is not yet registered.



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